December 1, 2016

first_contact documentation video.

first_contact: Sounds based on slime mould growth – audio link

Along the line of exploring my feeling of empathy with slime mould Physarum Polycephalum, I enhance my connection with imaginary worlds I perceive between the microscopic and macroscopic dimensions.

A sonification process using Max/MSP of microscopic biological nutrients flowing over the “veins” of slime mould Physarum Polycephalum is the basis of first_contact and first_contact AV performance. Numerical values (size, number, and behavior) of microscopic particles are assigned to virtual synthesizers. This creates the sound composition of these immersive explorations.  A visual narrative of my interactions with this microscopic organism is projected on to floating screens on darkness.

I recorded this incredible fungi-plant-animal during its plasmodium stage using a high definition microscope.  The flow of particles I discovered resembled planetary textures. These textures, reminded me of my own nature in different levels of existence.

My intention was to give voice and presence to a silent emergent consciousness that inhabits the shades of forests since thousands of years ago. Through my different levels of approximation with this living organism, both physical and visual, I show the intricate conceptual relation between the macroscopic and microscopic natural imagery. 

Fore more information about the project, please visit:
first_contact installation
first_contact: AV performance

first_contact, first_contact AV performance and Protoplasmic routes are bio Art explorations of USA based, Mexican born artist Axel Cuevas Santamaría (VJ axx).
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